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BOOM was probably the most dangerous shot I've ever conceived.  And having put myself in some pretty hair raising situations all over the world, that is saying something!  Like any photographer, when a good storm comes, it's a great time to head out with a camera.  I drove to Noirmont Point where this Nazi rangefinder turret is and framed up this composition.  It is shot with a tilt-shift lens and some lights to get the structure illuminated.  Once I had it set up, I kept hitting the shutter remote for repeated 30 second exposures.  The lightning kept striking, but not in the right place for my shot, after maybe 20 attempts, the shutter closed and I saw the latest strike in exactly the right place, (it hit the bunker just behind the turret and I could feel the charged air!)  At this stage, the sudden danger of the situation dawned on me and you have never seen anyone pack up their kit so fast :-)  

Available to buy as a fine art print and also available as a digital image for commercial use, under a license agreement - please email to discuss your requirements.

Photographer:  Andrew Habin

Copyright: Setoro Limited

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