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Gunners’ Sunset

Gunners’ Sunset

Jersey, Channel Islands

Gunners' Sunset is another long term project which took several attempts. As with other images, I never let go until the conditions are perfect and this image was the same. To capture this shot involves climbing down the cliffs below the MP3 tower on Jersey's north west corner. Once at the bottom you find a pile of Nazi field guns that were rounded up after the WWII German Occupation of Jersey and tipped off the cliff! The giant gun barrels are right behind me when I took this shot. A bold composition, an unusual view and a very magical and rarely visited place. This can only be captured around June and July as the sun only sets that far north at those times of year

Available to buy as a fine art print and also available as a digital image for commercial use, under a license agreement - please email to discuss your requirements.

Photographer: Andrew Habin

Copyright: Setoro Limited

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