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These unique houses on the marina in Groningen in The Netherlands drew me across the country to shoot this. When I heard about them, I promptly hired a car from Amsterdam, driving across the country specifically to get to this location. It was dull and grey when I arrived. I honed my compositoin and waited, and waited, and waited. With the cost of the hire car, the time I spent and mostly knowing I would never leave without the shot, I waited the best part of the day until finally some light hit my scene. Well worth it. This was a 10 minute exposure to make the water flatten off completely. I drove back to my girlfriend in Amsterdam, very late but with a big smile on my face.

Available to buy as a fine art print and also available as a digital image for commercial use, under a license agreement - please email to discuss your requirements.

Photographer: Andrew Habin

Copyright: Setoro Limited

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La Corbiere basking in golden light and sea spray Sunset at Pointe Saint-Mathieu