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Spring Thrift at La Caumine à Marie Best

Spring Thrift at La Caumine à Marie Best

Jersey, Channel Islands

Thrift blooming at La Caumine à Marie Best (commonly known as Le Don Hilton) on Jersey's west coast. The flowers in the foreground are about 30mm in front of the lens, so, to achieve a sharp image throughout you have to employ a number of techniques that unfortunately can't be done with the flowers moving in the breeze. The only foolproof way to capture this is with a tilt-shift lens. I went to this exact spot every sunset for almost two weeks until Mother Nature delivered the light and cloud that I wanted. So, you can really say, well in technical terms anyway, this image is "Full Tilt."  (Poor photography joke sorry!)

Available to buy as a fine art print and also available as a digital image for commercial use, under a license agreement - please email to discuss your requirements.

Photographer: Andrew Habin

Copyright: Setoro Limited

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