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The perfect afternoon at Bonne Nuit Bay

The perfect afternoon at Bonne Nuit Bay

Jersey, Channel Islands

Bonne Nuit Bay from 400ft. As with the majority of my work, this took several attempts in order for Mother Nature to deliver. I knew the best  composition from earlier flights and I knew the optimum height of tide and the best angle of the sun. Everything, from the curve of the shoreline, the angle of the pier and every tiny compositional element had to be right to make this aerial image of this beautiful little bay. The angle of the polariser on the 50mm lens was tweaked many times to get the water looking translucent.  This will always be one of my favourite aerial photographs.

Available to buy as a fine art print and also available as a digital image for commercial use, under a license agreement - please email to discuss your requirements.

Photographer: Andrew Habin

Copyright: Setoro Limited

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